Monday, February 13, 2006

Film Featuring Autistic Character

Sigourney Weaver is starring in a film called "Snow Cake". The film is in competition for a top prize at the Berlin Film Festival. Weaver says:
"It took me a long time to even understand how to prepare for this part because every person with autism is so unique, and to find someone like Linda took a long time," she told reporters.
"I have to say it was one of the most fascinating years I've ever spent researching for this part - and I learned so much, I met so many wonderful people."
She added: “I think we have to begin to see it [autism] as a gift. We may not understand what it’s there for, but if you’re in the presence of someone with autism you learn so much. You learn how to play, you learn how to see things, you learn how to experience things and how jarring the world is.”
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