Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Help for Home Schoolers

This article highlights the Bridgeway Academy, which offers online curricula for homeschooling children with disabilities like autism.

"There is a full K-12 curriculum, complete with online lessons, CD-based lessons or paper-based lessons. There is a tutoring option, with over-the-phone or online tutors helping students and parents on a given subject. Students' work, although mainly corrected by parents, is sent in quarterly for a teacher review, where the work is scrutinized closely to make sure students aren't short-circuiting the system. Grading, transcripts and diplomas are provided through Bridgeway, accredited by all 50 states.

In addition, Bridgeway partners with the Essential Learning Institute (ELI) to provide unique educational support to students with learning disabilities. Working with parents, the learning block is isolated and an appropriate method of instruction is created to counter it.

"We find out how the student processes information inside his brain," Mr. Salzman explained in a recent interview. "Then we create a specific program for them for maximum learning efficiency." The program has helped children with dyslexia, autism, attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

"Of the nearly 700 previously diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, we have found most had either a severe audial recall deficiency or a visual recall deficiency -- they can't remember what they heard or saw in the short-term memory area." The Bridgeway and ELI team works with the family to create a learning program, such as sensory integration training, that helps them overcome the block. "

They claim that "The team has been able to bring the vast majority of special learners up to full functioning through a combination of home-schooling courses and individualized learning programs. "

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