Friday, August 04, 2006

Labels - "Asperger's" or "Specialized Mind"?

Thought-provoking article on Mel Levine.

Here are some choice bits:

"At the very least, kids with specialized minds deserve toleration and support. And what we find, is, very often their strengths are being neglected while everybody tries to plug up holes or leaks in their minds. And that's a shame because when they grow up they are going to make a living on their strengths."

"I think the labels can be a self-fulfilling prophecy -- if you decide you are pathological, you can become increasingly pathological."

"I'm very controversial," Levine said, "which is what I always wanted to be. They disagree with me. There are several complaints about me -- the most common is that Mel Levine is right in all of his thinking and he's totally impractical. Schools need labels and insurance companies need labels and we have to lump kids together so we can do research on them."

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