Sunday, December 31, 2006

Kids Work Out to start The Day

Special needs kids in a Michigan charter school work out first before coming to class and seem to be behaving better in school.
"Kindergartners through sixth-graders with learning disabilities, speech impairments, autism and other special needs spend 30 minutes four times each week at Gymco, a 15,000-square-foot fitness center next to the charter school, 4120 Camelot Ridge Dr. SE off East Paris Avenue.
The school's occupational therapist, some classroom aides and Gymco staff oversee the morning workouts.
"We strongly believe that certain movement activities stimulate the brain in certain ways," Principal David King said. "Students are able to do significantly better both academically and behaviorally for the rest of the day."
That's true for Ryan, whose interaction with fellow students is more positive and less aggressive than a year ago, second-grade teacher Mary Donaldson said. And he comes to class ready to work."
Full article here.
Cool idea.

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