Tuesday, March 06, 2007

NJ Autism Bills Advance

"A package of bills aimed at improving the diagnosis, treatment and awareness of autism gained widespread support during an Assembly committee hearing today. It comes after a recent study found New Jersey had the highest incidence of the disorder among 14 states.
The bills would establish an autism registry under the state Department of Health and Senior Services, with funding of $500,000; create a task force on adults with autism; extend funding for autism research and treatment; and strengthen an early intervention program for babies and toddlers.
Other measures would reorganize the Governor's Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism to attract research funding, and require extra training about autism for classroom teachers. A separate bill would establish an autism awareness program for emergency, police and fire department personnel.
Two resolutions would urge the state to look at any possible links between the incidence of autism and prenatal sonograms or vaccinations containing thimerisol -- two proported causes of autism that have never been scientifically proven. "
Full article here.

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