Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sensory Wall

An Occupational Therapist has designed a wall that helps kids with sensory integration issues. The article includes this description of SID:
"It's like when you are watching television," explained Merrin Brown, registered occupational therapist at BMH and team leader for Blount County Schools. "You are using your sense of sight, sound, touch and also taste if you are eating. You are also using cognition to enjoy your favorite show. But if the dog starts barking or the kids are screaming or the phone rings, you will either get frustrated or yell at someone to be quiet. With children with sensory needs, it's like that every day."

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Kaber said...

Hi. I am new to blospot and browsing to find others who are parents of Spectrum kids. I have 3 spectrum boys I am homeschooling. Drop by if you get the chance.

--Kimberly (I have SID and other spectrum issues myself)