Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Children Sought for Study

"Autistic children sought for medical study
SEATTLE - Scientists searching for the causes of autism are taking a new and hard look at families who have only one child with the developmental disorder, according to the University of Washington. Recent research has shown that the majority of autism cases occur in families with just one child who has disorder, and that's why the University of Washington's autism center is seeking 200 Washington and Oregon families to participate in a new North American study. Parents who would like to enroll their families in the study or who have questions may contact Erin Kipple, project coordinator, at 1 (800) 944-9701 or, according to the announcement. Other institutions participating in the study are Baylor, Columbia, Emory, Harvard, McGill, Vanderbilt, Washington and Yale universities and the universities of California, Los Angeles; Illinois at Chicago, Michigan and Missouri."
-the Chronicle

More info here on studies at the University of Washington Autism Center. While you are there, you might want to browse around a bit. There is some information for parents/caregivers, a page of autism facts, and access to free online copies of research articles from scholarly journals.

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