Thursday, April 27, 2006

Post-production problems with "Mozart & the Whale"

An article about actor Josh Hartnett mentions that the producers of "Mozart and the Whale" fired the director after the movie was shot and re-edited it. Hartnett now refuses to promote the finished product.

"Hartnett's less thrilled with what happened to the true-life drama "Mozart and the Whale," slated for release last year. He plays the lead in a romance involving a man with a rare type of autism.
The indie film was launched in part because of his ardent support, something he withdrew when the producers fired director Peter Naess ("Elling") and re-edited the movie. One reason it has yet to be released is that Hartnett, the only "name" actor involved, refuses to promote it.
"I feel terrible for Jerry Newport," the person on whose life the movie is based, he said. "He was mad at me at first (for blocking the release), although now I think he understands. This is one of my favorite roles of all time, but I want to see the movie done correctly."

Full article here.

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