Thursday, October 05, 2006

Author Claims Famed Seismologist Had Asperger's

Here is a profile of the author who wrote a biography of Charles Richter, of the famed earthquake measurement scale.
"People who knew him described him as a walking contradiction. The reason I'm sure in my bones that he had Asperger's (syndrome) is that it reconciles the apparent contradictions.
He wasn't unfriendly or uninterested in teaching. He yearned to connect with people and share his wisdom. He was just sorely lacking in social skills. He couldn't deal well with the give-and-take of a classroom situation or a scientific conference. But he was in his element when a reporter asked a question and he was free to expound. The experts will tell you that such stiff, one-sided, pedantic conversations are a classic hallmark of Asperger's."

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