Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Documentary Film "The Boy Inside"

Canadian documentary filmmaker turns the lens on her own family to record her son's life with Asperger syndrome.
"Autistic author Temple Grandin notes that likely autistics include everyone from Mozart to Carl Sagan. "If you got rid of all of the genes that make autism and Asperger, we'd have a very boring world," she says in the movie. "A little bit of abnormality is needed."
Adds [filmmaker Marianne] Kaplan: "The halls of academia are filled with people with Asperger syndrome, particularly in the areas of math and the sciences. Adam can have a productive life. He talks. He communicates. He's in the world. He goes to school."
The problem is the disability is still often stigmatized by other students and even some teachers."

The film's website includes online forums where youth, parents and volunteers can share their thoughts.

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