Tuesday, March 14, 2006

College Open House

The College of New Jersey's Department of Special Education, Language & Literacy Center for Assistive Technology & Inclusive Education Studies is having an Open House on March 15th from 6-8 pm for their Career and Community Studies Program. This is a transition and postsecondary course of study for students who have intellectual disabilities. Registration begins April 1 2006 for Fall 2006 enrollment.

STUDENTS with Intellectual Disabilities
Refers to students with significant limitations, both in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior whose disability impacts their ability to access a liberal studies curriculum thereby dictating a program focusing on the development of career, community participation and life long liberal learning. These are young adults that require a strong system of supports and services.
This program is non-accredited and does not result in a degree from TCNJ.

Career & Community Studies is a college-based, liberal studies program designed to prepare students (ages 18-25) for adult life through academic rigor, career discovery and preparation and peer socialization as part of a diverse community of learners. Students must be highly motivated young adults who have received extensive educational services in either public or private schools and would likely have considerable difficulty succeeding in a traditional college degree program.

For more information, contact Project Coordinator Rebecca Daley 609-771-2381 or daley@tcnj.edu

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