Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jason McElwain: A Different Perspective

I found this thoughtful essay on the Special Education Law Blog. It was written by Kathie Snow I think it brings up some very important points. Here is an excerpt:
"I'm disturbed at the hoopla generated. For if Jason had been a regular member of the team, routinely scoring three-pointers, this story would have never made the news! The media coverage left the impression that Jason scoring 20 points in the last few minutes of the game was some sort of miraculous occurrence (the story was repeatedly billed as "inspirational")! But, according to news reports, Jason routinely sunk three-pointers during practice. (So, did anyone else wonder why reporters didn't press the coach or other school personnel about why Jason wasn't allowed to be on the team? Did reporters not ask because they assumed they knew the answer: "Because he has autism.") Lest anyone think I'm being a Scrooge here, let me repeat that I'm delighted Jason was finally able to strut his stuff during a game---and I wish that this "proof" of his abilities led to his being a member of the team!"
Copyright March 2006 by Kathie Snow

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