Monday, March 20, 2006

Model Inclusion Program May Get the Axe

Cherry Hill, Nj school district may discontinue a program for special needs kids that puts them in a mainstream classroom with extra staff. The child profiled in this article has Asperger's.

"" ...You would not believe what these patient, caring children have given Jordan in confidence and self-esteem. He makes other children feel good and they get something in return. When you have a child surrounded by other children who can help that child, it's the greatest learning environment," said Debbie Schmidt, Jordan's mother.
"To phase the program out would be pitiful, and to send these kids back to their home schools away from their friends would be devastating. It's the social aspect that is key for these kids," said Heather Kramer, whose fourth-grade son, Mason, and second-grade daughter, Abigail, are nonclassified children in the program.""

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